Monday, December 28, 2009

More Dixie

Dixie is starting to relax here. The border collie is showing in other ways now. She is still not quite trustworthy in the general population. She is more vocal now and desires to be with the humans more and to be more active. Dixie has had some better encounters with the little dogs, but still holds too great an interest in the movements and activities of the woolly cairn mix. And it's not like he moves fast or often.

She loves toys ... LOVES toys, but is protective of them with the other dogs. She has no issue with humans taking toys, although sometimes you must play a waiting game with her before she'll relinquish her ball. More to come as we get to know this girl.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 2009 - DOG OF THE MONTH!!!!

Merry Christmas from the River Runners!

We thought we'd take December's Dog of the Month spot to introduce you all to a little girl that's recently joined my household. Dixie is a 16 month old border collie mix (with a wee bit of heeler) that is a failed cattle dog. Rather than allowing her to live her life on a tie-out so she wouldn't chase cattle into the fences, her owners chose to rehome her. She's a lovely girl, and has been learning some quick lessons on living indoors and in the city. We have lots of learning to go, however, including *not herding/chasing the little dogs in the house*.

This is Dixie:

She loves balls, toys, anything really ... if you throw it she will fetch it. She won't always bring it back right away ... yet. She crates well ... it's her safe haven in the house ... settles nicely out of the crate (but only when the little dogs are away, so far). She has a soft mouth and silky coat. She loves snuggles and dog beds (and joining folks on the sofa, apparently).

Because she has such a strong desire to herd the little dogs, she won't be staying with us permanently. We will work with her to gain her trust and focus and to, hopefully, desensitize her to the smaller dogs, but it may be best to find her a home and a job where managing access for all the dogs isn't the permanent solution. If you know of anyone that would like a quick learning, keen to work border collie mix for agility or to try your hand at herding sheep, keep Miss Dixie in mind. Dixie is scheduled for her spay on January 5.