Monday, August 10, 2009

August 2009

Dog of the Month

Still a green dog in flyball ... a few paltry points away from that first title, Millie is what people don't expect from an american eskimo. Sweet, soft mouth, great with kids, and loving the game, she's a fast little up-and-comer on the River Runners flyball team.

Found by her owner, Lisa, while attending a country wedding, Millie wandered out of the brush loaded with ticks, but otherwise happy and healthy. A few days' search found the owners, but they never made any attempt to claim her, and after a month or two of half-hearted rehoming efforts (though most of us knew it from the start), Millie was home to stay with Lisa and her two other canine companions, Daisy and Monty.

She's been training and has had a couple of opportunities now to strut her stuff in flyball. We're all very proud of this little girl, and see stars in her future.

Watch for Millie at a tournament near you!
and yes, please come say hello. She'd love to meet you!